Hello everyone. This is a sober journal that I am beginning on day 31 of my sobriety. I am in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and am picking up my 30 day chip later this evening so why am I starting this thing now? I am not too sure to be honest. One thing that I have found that helps me tremendously is hearing my own thoughts said out loud at both meetings and to my sponsor so I am hoping that typing them out will help me and perhaps give someone else something to relate to.

To give you more insite into where I will be coming from on this blog you should know that I am a married 36 year old father of two. My story will come forth through my posts I’m sure but suffice it to say that I have quite a bit of research that all points to AA and a life of sobriety as the life that I need to be living. Feel free to comment on anything or shair your thoughts and feelings! I look forward to meeting you soon!


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