When I speak about alcohol now I tell people that I had a 17 year relationship with it, and to the best of my knowledge that has been a true statement. Then my sponsor wanted me to write about powerlessness and I figured a good place to start would be with my first drink. Well, it turns out that alcohol and it’s power over me, and my powerlessness to it goes back many years before I was a daily drinker, it pretty much goes back to when I was 13 and 14 years old going to keg parties or house parties with people that were far too old for me to be hanging out with. I remember that even at that young age I quickly became aware that 8 beers would make me throw up so to cut it off at the pass, in a manner of speaking, I would go to the bathroom and make myself throw up at 7 beers so that I could keep going, with everyone around me none the wiser. Powerless much? So with this new knowledge I now realize that even though I had never realized it I have been an alcoholic for 23 years, not 17. Am I surprised? No. It makes no difference in reality, but it is good to know.


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