I couldn’t sleep last night. Maybe it was my typical restlessness that I find peaks it’s busy head as I try to go to sleep on these new nights of sobriety, or maybe it was the coffee I drank at the 6:30 meeting yesterday evening, even though I knew better, or maybe it was all the things that still needed to be done but that I had ignored to do throughout the day, but I couldn’t sleep. I’m guessing that it was around 3 am when I finally passed out and when my alarm clock went off at 6 am I turned it off and rolled back over, knowing that I should try to make it to the 7 am meeting that is my homegroup but I was so tired. So I went back to sleep. Bam, I woke out of nowhere and looked at my alarm: 6:05. 5 minutes had passed and suddenly I was awake and feeling more refreshed. “Now that is God working!” I thought to myself for the first time in my life. Literally. And it was God working. The meeting was about fear and I had a lot to share and learned a lot from what I heard from others. I was meant to be at that meeting and the God of my understanding made sure I made it. No, she didn’t get me coffee or put my clothes on for me, but she made sure I was awake and refreshed enough to hear the words that help keep me sober, just for today.


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