60 days is just around the corner and I have to remind myself to have an orgasm every once in a while. What? I love sex! I love sex and suddenly have very little interest in it. The wife is having concerns, though I don’t believe that it’s anything serious. What is more serous is just my colossal change. One orgasm a day, by any means, has always been the rule and now…nothing. Yes, I know, that I have a lot of internal work going on and that leaves less time to think about sex, but this is insane. There are medical articles online dealing with this subject but I haven’t read them because like a good alcoholic I feel that I am different than everyone else. I dunno, at least I will have this silver coin to to reflect the sun in my eye and pray for a sparkle.


One thought on “I traded my sex life in for a silver chip…

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